Prof. Dr. Árpád Dobolyi, PhD, DSc

Prof. Dr. Árpád Dobolyi, PhD, DSc




Room: 6-420
Phone: /8775

Teaching activity (in English)

Biologist MSc
  • Research Methods P
  • Cognitive neuroscience L
  • Regulatory biology L
  • Systems and omics biology I. L
  • Behavioral physiology L
  • Neurophysiology L

Research interest

Our focus is on understanding the neural background of social behaviors. We often work with a relatively simple model system when examining maternal behaviors. We also investigate adult-adult social behaviors. In the case of rodents, these can be divided into reproductive, cooperative, or aggressive behaviors, the underlying brain mechanisms are also the subject of our research. To do this, we study the neural network using opto- and chemogenetic methods, combined with modern behavioral analysis methods using artificial intelligence. Molecular changes correlated with animal behaviors are examined by bioinformatics analysis of transcriptome sequencing data. In addition to species-specific normal social behaviors, disease-specific alterations may also occur, which we examine in different neuropsychiatric diseases. In an extension of our work, we identify drug targets, from which new types of drugs can be developed for depression and autism spectrum disorder.