MSc thesis defences - 2022

MSc thesis defences - 2022

14. June 2022.

Council room of the Institute of Biology, Lágymányos Southern Building 7.411


2022. June 14. -

Council room of the Institute of Biology, Lágymányos Southern Building 7.411

MSc. Thesis defences, 2021-2022, II. semester

The BSc. theses of the Department of Biology and Neurobiology will be defended on 14 June 2022 in the lecture hall of the Institute of Biology (ELTE TTK Southern Building 7.411).

All students are kindly requested to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the their section to upload the presentations. The marks will be announced approx. 30 min. after the last presentation!

On the defense, the main results of the thesis should be presented in 15 minutes. Subsequently, you will have to answer the written questions of the reviewers as well as the on-going questions raised by the Defense Committee and the audience.


Student name

Thesis work title

(internal consultant)


8:00-8:10 Opening remarks


Maryam Gazeran

Effect of lactobacilli on hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis and behavior in mice

Dr. Kovács Krisztina
(Dr. Varró Petra)

Dr. Gaszner Balázs


Várkonyi Dorottya

Comorbidity of anxiety and depression-like behaviour with cognitive decline in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Zelena Dóra

(Dr. Dobolyi Árpád)

Dr. Gyertyán István


Puskás Júlia

Excitability changes in prefrontal cortical networks in a rat model of autism

Dr. Varró Petra

Dr. Tóth Kinga


Szatai Ádám Tibor

Large-scale mapping of synaptic connections using genetically encoded voltage indicators

Dr. Szabadics János
(Dr. Dobolyi Árpád)

Dr. Héja László

10:10-10:25 Break


Nagy-Herczeg Domonkos

Comparison of fluorescent actin labeling methods in dendritic spines

Dr. Schlett Katalin

Dr. Lengyel Ferenc


Pothorszki Dóra

EEG effects of tramadol in freely moving rats

Dr. Bagdy György
(dr. Tóth Attila)

Dr. Barthó Péter


Alibek Sartayev

Modulation of optogenetically evoked epileptic activity

Dr. Barthó Péter
(Dr. Borbély Sándor)

Dr. Lőrincz Magor

11:55-13:00 Lunch break


Nagy Rita Krisztina

A szimpatikus idegrendszer és a melatonin szerepe a leukociták ritmusos működésének szabályozásában

Dr. Ella Krisztina
(Dr. Hajnik Tünde)

Dr. Dénes Ádám


Sáfár Krisztina

A calretinin-immunpozitív interneuronok érintettsége a dorzolaterális prefrontális kortexben autizmusban

Dr. Adorján István

(Dr. Dobolyi Árpád)

Dr. Maglóczky Zsófia


Forgács Martina

A Fusarium mikotoxinok okozta szubkrónikus változások a központi idegrendszerben

Dr. Varró Petra

Dr. Ferenczi Szilamér