Dr. Melinda Vitéz-Cservenák , PhD

Dr. Melinda Vitéz-Cservenák , PhD


research fellow


Room: 6-307
Phone: /8372
E-mail: cservenak.melinda@ttk.elte.hu

Teaching activity (in English)
Biologist MSc
  • Methods in Neurophysiology Pr
  • Cognitive Neuroscience L
  • Behaviour Physiology L

Research interest

Exploring the brain mechanisms underlying social behaviour is at the heart of our interest. This requires understanding how the networks that regulate behaviour work and then analysing the corresponding brain regions at the molecular level. Chemogenetic methods are used to selectively manipulate the neurons involved in the expression of social behavioural elements and animal behaviour will be studied using state-of-the-art behavioural analysis systems. In addition to normal species-specific social behaviours, we also aim to understand the causes of social deficits in certain diseases.